As I jump into a new phase of my life and career, I’ll be writing blog posts here revolving around the theme of Ed Tech. Some will be posts for the teachers at Siouxland Christian School, where I am the new Director of Technology. Others will be modifications of papers written for graduate studies in Ed Tech Leadership.

The goal is to share knowledge and join the conversation happening around technology in education, for in sharing we all learn.


Getting More Done with Google Drive Organization

That title feels like something a mom blogger would create before writing a post full of unreasonable expectations like setting out kids’ outfits the night before… but I promise this is doable and useful. Once upon a time, my Google Drive was a mess of client intake forms, planning documents, abandoned documents of unknown purpose, …


Remove the answer key from a PDF in one step!

Have you ever found a worksheet packet that would be perfect for your lesson except for one small problem? The answer key is attached to the worksheet pages. You don’t need to recreate the worksheet or skip out on using it.