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changing directions


Changing Directions

I have spent almost two decades in communications, content creation, and business development. While I am grateful that these skills allowed me to work from home while I raised my children, it is time for me to shift gears.

I am taking my existing skillset and combining it with graduate-level studies of Sustainable Food Systems at Prescott College. Below you’ll find blog posts that are (mostly) related to my studies at Prescott as well as work I am pursuing in the Siouxland region.

Recent Blog Posts & School Work

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A Few Projects I’m Working On

Loess Hills Local

A map of local farms selling direct-to-consumer in the Siouxland bioregion

Traveling Farmer’s Market

A collective project to grow the regional food system in Dakota County, Nebraska

School Garden Proposal Guide

A full guide for anyone interested in starting a school garden, including links to a customizable proposal document and slide deck for presentations.