Have you ever found a worksheet packet that would be perfect for your lesson except for one small problem? The answer key is attached to the worksheet pages.

Worksheets like this one from SuperTeacherWorksheets.com often come with the answer key on the last page.

You don’t need to recreate or skip out on using the worksheet. You can simply print the pages you want to create a new PDF document.

Open your PDF, then click on ctrl+P (command+P for Mac users). Choose “Save as PDF” for your printer in the print dialogue box that pops up. Then, for the pages option, choose “Custom”.

Type in the pages you want to be included. For example, if your packet is 5 pages and the answers are on page 5, choose 1-4 for your pages to print.

Then, just hit the Print button, creating a new PDF with the pages you selected to save to your computer. You can print this, upload it to Canvas, or use it in whatever way you need!